A Brief Bio

I hold a BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania. My work appears in Everyday Fiction, Connotation Press, Persimmon Tree and Akashic Books. At the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), I earned an exclusive selection to the Sundance Studio-based, Andy Wolk Screenwriting-Directing Symposium for my short story and screenplay, “Widow of Arbor Heights”. This story was later expanded into my forthcoming novel. As a UPenn graduate I’ve had the privilege to work with notable screenwriters Mark Lapadula, Mark Rosenthal and Andy Wolk.

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More About Me

I’ve presented to various writer’s organizations a wide-range of topics from "how to write flash fiction to the bare bones of screenwriting". I’m an active participant at “Noir at the Bar” series. I’m a member of the Brandywine Valley Writers Group, Philadelphia Writers, Fiction Writer’s Journey and Lansdowne Screenwriters Allegiance.
But wait, there’s more! I love a good mystery and I love the human psyche. My past work experience involved one or the other or a combination of both. I worked two decades as a staff analyst for a motley crew in an aerospace company, from a legal secretary, from a sane bookkeeper in a crazy salvage yard, from a bartender working in two divergent bars, from an antique dealer scavenging flea markets and yard sales before it was ever popular (which by the way, junk picking never leaves your blood).
My past has been colorful and my stories reflect that, adding dimension and depth to my characters and to my writing.
I reside on the outskirts of Philadelphia with my husband in a shaky hundred year house (trucks blasting past on asphalt-covered telltale trolley tracks keep us on our toes) when I’m not on the beach at the southernmost point in New Jersey.



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